Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

I hate being spammed as much as you do!

Your data will NOT be sold or used for any other purpose than your dealings with The Tailor's Apprentice shop.

Your privacy is very important to me, and I pledge to always act in accordance with the following Policy to ensure your safety and comfort when shopping or participating in a course with me.

Who is collecting my information?
This web shop is owned by The Tailor's Apprentice, a small business operating from Hazelbrook, NSW, Australia, ABN 48 825 654 754 I can be contacted by filling out my website contact form.
The staff at The Tailor's Apprentice are the only people who will see your personal information. All postage and payment arrangements are completed by our staff, within the office.
Why do I have to give the shop my details?
Our shop is run using commercially purchased software and the shop's setup defines what information is required. When you create an account with our shop, your details are stored on our secure server. When you complete an order, the software automates an email to us with your order, name and address. The emails we receive when you create an account or place an order are the only times your personal details leave our server. You can delete or change your account at any time.

Does The Tailor's Apprentice know my credit card details?
No. The Tailor's Apprentice uses PayPal, a completely secure payment system. We never see your payment details: only how much has been paid and when.
Will The Tailor's Apprentice sell my information to others?
Never! The only time your information will leave the The Tailor's Apprentice, is if we delete it.

The sole exception to this policy is if we were required by law to release your details.

How can I access my information?
You can view and change your information by logging into The Tailor's Apprentice shop at the top left-hand side of the website and going to 'Your Account'. From here you can view past orders, change your personal information, edit your preferences and change your password.