Bespoke Gowns

Bespoke Gowns

Let me make the gown of your dreams for your wedding or costuming or living history event. I love making bespoke gowns for customers, especially a gown from history for your wedding day, a gown that will make both our hearts sing from the pleasure of it. 

I specialise in 1940s gowns from my 1940s patterns, either as an 'off the rack' standard size, or bespoke to your measurements. My 1942 wedding gown in my WWII war series dress making patterns is a lovely gown to make and wear, simple, yet extremely elegant.

Land Army girl overalls WII 1940s by The Tailor's Apprentice WII 1940s by The Tailor's Apprentice Sailor Suit WWII 1940s by The Tailor's Apprentice Evening gown WWII 1940s by The Tailor's Apprentice Wedding gown WWII 1940s by The Tailor's Apprentice

All eras can be accommodated, WWII war era austerity, Jitterbug, Swing era or Rockabilly, 1920s flapper, Regency gentility, 19th century bloomers, bustles or crinolines, Tudor magnificence or Steampunk madness. 

Please send me an email via my contact form and we can get the ball rolling!

So what does a bespoke gown entail? ...

We all know things that are hand-made specifically for you, and you alone, are more expensive, but it might not be immediately obvious why that’s the case. Of course, some of the cost is because a ready-made off the shelf item has had the advantage of ‘economy of scale’ that is, the same size garment with the same dimensions of the same pattern can be cut in piles, sewn without having to cut threads at every seam, and be done on a production line where every move is exactly the same every time.

This seeming advantage saved in time and resources is exactly why you don’t want a ready-made off-the-rack garment unless you are the exact same size and shape as the model it was designed for.

If you are anything like me, and most other people in the world, you are not ever going to be the exact same shape and size as the person the pattern was fitted on or designed for. It’s almost a statistical impossibility. Your waist might be a bit longer, or your legs a bit shorter. The distance between the nape of your neck and the small of your back is pretty much guaranteed to be different to mine, even if you and I are the same height, weight and dress size. A custom made garment from The Miss Page Collection overcomes these differences so suddenly the pattern isn’t the perfect fit for someone else and an almost fit for you – it’s your perfect fit, and no-one will ever look as good in that garment as you do.

Of course, that does mean the pattern has to be altered according to your dimensions, and that takes time and effort (there’s some of the extra cost). It also means that you can choose the right fabric for your garment, instead of relying on the standard fabrics and colours that someone else thought the dress should be made in. (There’s another part of the extra cost). It also means we’ll make a ‘quick and dirty’ version in calico first, so we can make sure it really does hang beautifully, before we go anywhere near your favourite fashion fabric. (You guessed it, there’s another bit). And finally, we adjust as we go, so by the time your hand-made garment is delivered, you will see that it just couldn’t look any better than it does.

A hand-made garment is a status symbol. Sure it is. It will tell everyone who sees you in it that you care about looking good. That’s not a bad message to send anyone!

To start the journey of your custom made wedding, bridesmaid, special occasion gown, send me an email via my contact form and we can get the ball rolling!