Ethical Matters




I try to 'Think Global - Act Local' and live it in my business and personal life.

I believe Earth is the one and only planet available to us and therefore we should sustain it and keep it healthy and alive, along with all the glorious diversity of plants and animals that it sustains.


I believe all businesses should be as environmentally responsible as they can manage and afford.

It is part of my business ethics.

I offer ePatterns as 'print on demand' patterns waste less resources than one in a pattern packet.

It also allows you instant access to your purchase, no delays waiting for the postal service and no postal fees to add to the bill!

Green web hosting
My web hosting service is climate friendly and wind powered by 130%, not just neutralising their environmental impact, but reversing it.

My office environment
I work from home so am not commuting to and from work, we use photovoltaics to power the NSW electricity grid, solar hot water and reduce, reuse, recycle as much as possible.

We grow our own veggies, have chickens, cycle any distance less than 5 kms (and more when time permits), use public transport and 'shanks pony' (i.e. walk to our destinations when possible).

Paperless office
Every business dealing is done on the computer and via the computer. All files are electronically stored and I try not to print unless absolutely necessary. When I do its with recycled paper and I refill my printer ink cartridges.