Studio Classes

Studio Classes

You love vintage or gowns from a different century but the originals are too delicate, too small or too expensive for you ... so ... become my apprentice and stitch up a gown from history with your wwn pattern or one of my 1940s patterns from my Miss Page WWII war era reproduction gown collection, patterns made from gowns in my personal collection.

In my Blue Mountains studio, or in your home, we will stitch up the gown of your dreams.

In the style you want, from the historical period you love, as accurate to the era as you want.

We will take your sewing skills to a new level of expertise while you gain confidence with your existing sewing and creativity.

My courses are unique, we work on your project and you learn as you sew. My students make gowns from Viking, Medieval to Renaissance, Regency to Victorian crinolines, bustles and bloomers, Edwardian to Flapper, 40's austerity, war era,WII to 50's extravagance, 60's mods to SteamPunk, Rockabilly and everything in-between. Go and view the student gallery to see my students fabulous class work!

From any period of fashion or cosplay.

My studio classes give you a gown that fits you perfectly and is vintage or historically accurate as you want. You make it yourself, with me guiding you through the whole process, regardless of your sewing skills.

You and I create a real gown, the gown you've always wanted, you learn new techniques and refresh old ones. I help you the whole way.

At the end of the ten week course you will have a lovely gown, improved seamstress abilities that you can keep forever, and great memories of plenty of fun.

One-on-one or group sessions are available.

Classes are run throughout the year in my Blue Mountains studio.

Contact me to find out when the next studio classes commence.