Online Classes

Online Classes

Learn to sew WWII style with Lilly Rose and The Tailor's Apprentice with this 12 Module online course from The Tailor’s Apprentice's vintage sewing expert Lorna McKenzie.

Look period-perfect at your next 1940s event with a garment that is designed especially for you, for the fraction of the cost of a vintage gown. You’ll get the right look, the right fit, and the fabric of your choice.

You receive the whole 12 teaching Modules, and the Lilly Rose day dress pattern, for only $49.99 (AUD).

Lorna presenting her 1940s dress making courseLearn to sew WWII style with Lilly Rose and The Tailor's Apprentice 12 Module online course includes:

·         WWII Era Lilly Rose Day Dress pattern number 2211

·         BONUS PACK! Lilly Rose 2211-A pack with different sleeve length and bodice neckline*

·         Three outfits from one patter

·         Expert step-by-step sewing instruction

·         Tips on fabric selection

·         WWII-specific ‘Make-do-an-mend’ tips and tricks

The Bonus Lilly Rose 2211-A is only available when you buy the 12 Module Lilly Rose Online Dressmaking course. It teaches participants how to convert the elegant Lilly Rose Day Dress into a stunning evening gown AND a stylish suit for the office.

 Your perfect WWII Era Lilly Rose dress only needs one thing – YOU!