About me


Who is the Tailor’s Apprentice?

Who is the Tailor’s Apprentice?

I'm Lorna McKenzie,  I'm the Tailor and when you do a course with me, you become my Apprentice and together we stitch up history and make your time travellor's wardrobe.
I am dress maker and sewing teacher in the beautiful Blue Mountains outside of Sydney in NSW, Australia. I work one-on-one with you to make your dream retro vintage or historical gown, you make it as I teach you how. Come and stitch up history with me!
I have been sewing for as long as I can remember; my mother, Edna McKenzie, ran a dress making business in Sydney. She made special event gowns: wedding gowns, bridesmaid frocks, ball gowns, debutant gowns, and wedding trousseau's in the most fashionable of styles between the 1930’s until the 1970’s.
I was her tailor's apprentice, she taught me how to make clothes that fitted well and were fashionable. She was adept at creating what her clients wanted and she trained me in these skills as well.


Why I started The Tailor's Apprentice
For many years, I have worked with friends to create fabulous fantasy gowns, and as they worked with me, they learnt how to be a Tailor and went off to make their own.
I was constantly asked to run classes, so I gave in, and The Tailor's Apprentice was born. 
I love to share my experience and love of creating gowns with you, teaching vintage and historical sewing makes my heart sing!
Work with me to make your dream outfit, the gown you've always wanted but didn't think you could make. 
You can make a gown like the one on the left, my client had basic sewing skills and we created a Renaissance gown from the inside out, including the corset. We made this together. An original gown, one that no one else will ever have, one you made yourself that can become a family heirloom.