About me


My qualifications

My qualifications

I fell in love with fabric and fashion from birth, or so it seems!

My mum was a dress maker, she ran her business from our home, our house was her workplace, my bedroom the fitting room.

My grandmother was also a seamstress and as well as sewing beautifully, she crocheted delicate lace work. Nanna taught my mum to sew and then I learnt these skills from them both.

So, my apprenticeship started as a very young girl, they passed onto me their skills, sewing skills mostly learnt in the last era of the late 19th (nanna) and the early and mid 20th century (mum).

Invaluable vintage sewing skills.

By the time I started Textiles and Design in High School, I was already a proficent maker of dolls clothes and simple outfits. During the 6 years of school, I studied Textile and Design to matriculation level, my sewing skills were enhanced with practical and theoretical study in costume creation, pattern making, history of costume, embroidery, history of textiles, historical design development, etc.

From there, I studied Textile Design at East Sydney Technical College (now the National School of Arts), adding more knowledge to my basket of creative skills.

From then on, I made my own clothes, outfits for friends, adapted vintage gowns and discovered historical clothing and all its delights! I joined costuming groups such as the Australian Costumers Guild and the Society for Creative Anacronists, where I fell in love with the Italian Renaissance and The Realm of Venus have displayed two (one, two) of my gowns. I bought costuming books, took classes, learnt even earlier sewing techniques to enhance my exisiting skills. I work to create all gowns as period correct as I can for both myself and for my students, so we can attend festivals in our historic finery, festivals such as the Jane Austen Festival Australia, IronFest and the Abbey Medieval Festival.

I'm a quilter and am a member of the Southern Cross Quilters, for me, learning to quilt radically improved my accuracy in dress making, if you muck-up a quilt block, the quilt won't work, accuracy is Queen!

I'm a qualified teacher and adult educator and I bring those skills to my classes both in the studio and online.
I also bring my love of craft, history, the environemnt, passion for what I do and humour. So come and join me and let's stitch up history together!