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WWII war years dressmaking patterns

1940s WWII war era repro sewing patterns, true to the 40s, made for the 21st century woman. Perfect for your rockabilly, Lindy Hop and swing evenings. 40s repro vintage patterns, period correct for your WWII living history event.

Sewing Classes

Join my sewing classes, learn vintage couture sewing skills and make your gown using the sewing skills of any time period. The WWII war era austerity, Jitterbug, Swing era or Rockabilly, 1920s flapper, Regency gentility, 19th century bloomers, bustles or crinolines, Tudor magnificence or Steampunk madness. All eras can be accommodated.

Patterns : AANS Ward Dress

This e-pattern includes: the Ward Dress dress pattern along with the patterns for: the uniform scarlet Tippet, white apron, head band, armband, sleeve protectors, detachable collar and cuffs. Full pattern notes demonstrating late Edwardian sewing techniques, historical notes on the uniform provided by experts in the field, along with information on how to wear the uniform, etc.